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REMINDER: Every Single South Carolina Republican in Congress Opposed Expanding Child Tax Credit

Sep 13, 2023

South Carolina Democratic Party Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement on Republicans’ opposition to expanding the Child Tax Credit:

“When South Carolina Republicans had the opportunity to work with President Biden and Democrats to expand the Child Tax Credit, every single one of them opposed the single largest tax cut in generations for working South Carolina families. Despite the SCGOP, childhood poverty fell to record lows. But these MAGA Republicans chose to oppose extending the expanded CTC, proving once again how MAGA Republicans like Representatives Nancy Mace, Joe Wilson, and Ralph Norman are hellbent on rigging the economy for the top one percent while leaving every day families in the dust. This is just another example of what’s at stake in 2024 and why it’s so important that we re-elect President Biden, Vice President Harris and Democrats who are fighting to continue building the economy from the bottom up and middle out.”

Here’s a look at how MAGA Republicans fought against expanding the Child Tax Credit:

Every single Republican in Congress voted against legislation to expand the Child Tax Credit — which led to a historic drop in child poverty.

ABC News: “Included in the 628 pages of the American Rescue Plan is a change that experts say will prove to be a ‘historic’ step in reducing child poverty. The proposal calls for a one-year expansion in both the value and scope of the child tax credit to American families, something some studies estimate could lift millions of children out of poverty. The measure would increase the amount of the child tax credit to $3,600 per child under 6 and $3,000 per child between the ages of 6 and 18. That is up from a maximum benefit of $2,000 under the current policy. It also expands the ages of children eligible, which was previously capped at age 17.”

“But even for Republicans, the measure did not prove to be a sticking point in partisan negotiations over the bill — which still did not get a single Republican vote in the House or Senate.”

Republicans running for president sided with MAGA extremists in Congress in opposing legislation that expanded the Child Tax Credit.

Roll Call Vote, American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: “Scott (R-SC), Nay”

Haley: “One year after Biden signed Democrats’ $1.9 trillion Covid ‘relief’ bill he’s pushing through another $1.5 trillion in government spending. When will Democrats admit their out-of-control spending is fueling inflation?”

Tallahassee Democrat: “Last year, DeSantis also said of the American Rescue Plan, ‘In some respects, it’s Washington at its worst.’ He called the package a ‘Christmas tree,’ filled with dollars sought by Democratic interest groups.”

Christie: “All [Biden] wants to talk about is Vladimir Putin and how he’s caused all the problems in this country and that he didn’t engage in reckless spending while he did that $1.9 trillion American rescue plan. … This is ridiculous stuff.”

Salon: “Mike Pence rallies Republicans to vote against COVID relief bill backed by a majority of Americans”

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