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Tim Scott’s MAGAnomics Would Be a Failure for South Carolina

Sep 15, 2023

As Tim Scott shares his MAGAnomics policy plan in South Carolina today, South Carolina Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Bradley shared the following statement:

“Tim Scott’s MAGAnomics agenda would be dangerous for South Carolina’s working families as he’s openly admitted that he wants a repeat of Donald Trump’s failed economic policies. If Scott gets his way, it would mean tax cuts for the wealthy, little for hardworking families, and thousands of retirees losing their Medicare and Social Security in the Palmetto State. As Tim Scott tries to drag us backwards and raise costs on middle class families, South Carolinians have a leader in President Biden who is helping to lower costs and bring back thousands of jobs.”

Here’s a look at how harmful Tim Scott’s economic agenda would be for South Carolinians:

  • Scott can’t stop boasting about his role as an “architect” of Donald Trump’s 2017 tax scam that sent almost half of the benefits to the wealthiest 5% in the U.S. — leaving working families behind.
  • If he becomes president, Scott has vowed to rip up the Inflation Reduction Act that’s brought thousands of jobs to South Carolina and is lowering health care costs for the thousands of South Carolinians on Medicare.
  • A key component of Scott’s platform is Opportunity Zones, but in South Carolina OZs have helped already wealthy investors and corporations expand in already valuable regions of the state while disadvantaged communities struggle to see benefits.
  • Scott supported a plan to end Medicare as we know it and has repeatedly renewed his calls to end Social Security and Medicare as we know them.

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