Building for our Future

A permanent home for the SCDP

The new South Carolina Democratic Party Headquarters will serve as a home base for Democrats across the state. It is a place where Democrats can come together to organize, innovate, learn, connect, and win. SCDP’s new home will help current and future South Carolina Democrats push South Carolina forward and achieve Democratic victories for years to come. Thanks for your continued support — let’s continue the fight.

Want to chip in?

Giving Options

Now that the South Carolina Democratic Party has a permanent home, we are in a position to create a place that we can truly make our own. Through our Building for our Future program, you can become a lasting part of our headquarters by investing in a personalized engraved brick or tile that will be laid upon the walkway outside our building. We are eager to see so many great Democrats etched forever in our new building.

Additional Naming Opportunities

Additional opportunities to name elements of the new building are available. If you are interested in learning more about these options, please contact Ellen Stankiewicz at A member of our team will contact you about what you want engraved on your brick or tile.

From the SCDP Chairman

"For the first time ever in the history of the Party, the South Carolina Democratic Party will own our building - a place that will serve as a place to train the activists of today and the leaders of tomorrow. A place where Democrats from across the state can come to work together and win, and a place that we can truly make our own." — Trav Robertson, Jr.