Read the document below to learn the step by step process on how to became a delegate to the 2024 DNC Convention in Chicago. Download the filing form for National Delegate

All Democrats are encouraged to participate in the Democratic Party. The best way to get engaged with Democrats in your County is to attend your County Democratic Convention in March 2024. Time and exact locations will be updated in late January 2024. If you wish to run as a delegate to the National Convention you must attend your County Convention.

The 2024 South Carolina Democratic Party Delegate Selection Plan is the guiding document governing the 2024 South Carolina Democratic Party Presidential Primary and how South Carolina selects delegates and alternates to the 2024 Democratic National Committee to be held in Chicago, Illinois.

SCDP Chair Trav Robertson, Jr., appointed SCDP 2024 Delegate Selection Affirmative Action Committee members on March 1, 2023. Members of this committee are charged with reviewing and working with the SCDP to promote the delegate selection process to ensure the most inclusive, diverse delegation representing South Carolina Democrats to the 2024 Democratic National Convention.