South Carolina Democratic Party

Our Team

SCDP Headquarters


Executive Director

Jay Parmley

Political Director

Angela Clyburn

Director, Voter Protection Unit

Shaundra Young Scott

Deputy Director, Voter Protection Unit

Eli Valentin

Organizer, Voter Protection Unit

Philisea Matthews

Director of Research

Tim Sullivan

Director of Communications

Lauren Brown

Technology Director

Matt Greene

VoterFile Manager

Ann Smith

Communications & Research Assistant

Grace Whaley

Director of Fundraising and Development

Ellen Stankiewicz

SCDP Headquarters

Coordinated Campaign

ALL IN Coordinated Campaign Director

Christale Spain

Training Director

Helen Strain

Operations Director

Elena Kershaw

Digital Organizing Director

Joyce Rose-Harris

Organizing Director

Zachary Amos

Deputy Organizing Director

Marcurius Byrd

Upstate Regional Organizing Director

Timicia Grant

Pee Dee Regional Organizing Director

Quanisea Moses

Low County Regional Organizing Director

Joshua Stephens

Regional Organizing Director

Tess Emiroglu

Regional Organizing Director

Owen Townsend

Greenwood County Organizer

Erniko Brown

Charleston County Organizer

Cat McKinney

Greenville County Organizer

Jack Ginsberg

Richland County Organizer

Walter Reed

Spartanburg County Organizer

Emma Jameson

Florence County Organizer

Walsh Powe

County Organizer

Freya Forstall

County Organizer

Frederick Bell

County Organizer

Adger Drummond

County Organizer

Delaine Frierson

County Organizer

Zach Laprise

County Organizer

Monique Bing

County Organizer

Kyra Briddell

District Campaign Organizer

Emily Lefko

County Organizer

Kiara Hare

County Organizer

Michelle Perri

County Organizer

Connor Bevan

County Organizer

Melanie Nowlin

County Organizer

Noah Silva

County Organizer

Jolie Frazer-Madge

County Organizer

Mirella Manilla

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