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SCDP Chair Statement on the State of the State Address 

Jan 20, 2016

Columbia, SC- Tonight, amidst national attention following her delivery of the Republican response to the State of the Union, Governor Nikki Haley delivered her State of the State address. South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement. 

Tonight SC Representative Mandy Powers Norrell delivered a response to the State of the State that highlighted the key differences between Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina and centered squarely on the Governor’s singular focus to give tax breaks to the wealthy before funding improvements to our roads and bridges, fully funding education, or affording health care to all.

“In addition, Governor Haley and legislative Republicans have failed rural communities by refusing federal Medicaid funds, thereby forcing rural hospitals to close in counties like Bamberg and Barnwell. 

“Democrats know our state is stronger when we invest in policies that benefit everyone and not just those at the top. The entire state benefits by making sure our schools are more than just minimally adequate, our roads and bridges are functional, and our friends and neighbors have access to healthcare.

“South Carolina is facing serious challenges. Governor Haley speaks of working together, but over the course of her administration, and despite the fact that Republicans control both chambers of the Legislature, too many of our state’s most pressing concerns have yet to be addressed. As she enters the national stage as a potential Vice Presidential nominee, Governor Haley’s record should give Americans concern about whether her actions match her rhetoric.”


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