SCDP Legislative Update H. 3477, the Save Women’s Sports Act H. 3094, the Open Carry with Training Act

Mar 01, 2021



SCDP Legislative Update

H. 3477, the Save Women’s Sports Act

H. 3094, the Open Carry with Training Act

H. 3477 Save Women’s Sports Act:

The South Carolina House Special Laws Subcommittee will meet on Wednesday, March 3rd to hear testimony on H.3477 The Save Women’s Sports Act. You can view the meeting agenda here. This legislation will force athletes to play on teams that match their biological sex instead of on teams consistent with their gender identity.

Sign up to testify:

  • [IN PERSON] Email by 5:00 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2021 & say you would like to testify on H. 3477, Save Women’s Sports Act.
  • [WRITTEN] To submit written comments as part of the record, email

There is still time to let members of the subcommittee know where you stand on this bill:

  • Rep. John McCravy – (803) 212-6939 (Subcommittee Chair)
  • Rep. Jason Elliott – (803) 212-6877
  • Rep. Sylleste H. Davis – (803) 212-6930
  • Rep. Spencer Wetmore – (803) 212-6872

H. 3094 Open Carry with Training Act:

House Bill 3094, also known as the Open Carry with Training Act, allows trained gun owners to carry their weapons in public and private spaces. The bill has been voted out of a House Judiciary subcommittee and will be heard by the full committee on Tuesday, March 2. You can view the meeting agenda here.

Several law enforcement officials, medical professionals and progressive groups provide the following reasons for their opposition:

  • Law enforcement opposes this legislation, believing it will make a difficult job harder
  • The potential impact to tourism and business in our state still reeling from COVID-19
  • Impact on South Carolina’s kids who are already being put through active shooter drills
  • Drastic change to our state’s culture by encouraging outlaw-like behavior
  • Confusion over signage requirements at businesses for prohibition of open carry, as well as responsibility for enforcement


Take action on this bill by contacting members of the House Judiciary Committee to let them know you and your community oppose H.3094 and open carry in South Carolina. Find your local legislators contact information here.

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