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House Ethics Committee Must Sanction Rep. Ralph Norman

Mar 01, 2021


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 House Ethics Committee Must Sanction Rep. Ralph Norman

Columbia, S.C.— Republican Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-5), along with twelve other Republican House Members skipped a vote on COVID-19 relief to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Citing the “ongoing public health emergency,” they voted by proxy against the bill that would provide relief for those impacted by said emergency, packed their bags, engaged in nonessential travel, and headed to Orlando instead of showing up to work for their constituents. 

Their hypocrisy is on full display as last May, Republicans attacked remote voting as “unconstitutional”, furthermore demanding members must carry out their work in-person. Yet, when it was convenient to them, they chose to vote by proxy in order to attend CPAC.

“Last weekend Ralph Norman abandoned his constituents in District 5 and let House Democrats fight for them while he spent the weekend in Orlando with Donald Trump and the rest of the sedition caucus,” said SCDP Chair, Trav Robertson, Jr. “Lying about the reason for his absence on the House floor, Norman proved to all that he will flaunt the rules to stand by Donald Trump’s side.” South Carolina Democrats are calling on the US House Ethics Committee to sanction each member who provided false reasons for missing votes, including SC Rep. Ralph Norman. 



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