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Two Candidates, One Dangerous Message

Jul 21, 2015

Columbia, SC– Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his opponent New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are in the Palmetto State today campaigning on policies that would benefit the wealthy while crippling working families.

In reference to the South Carolina visits by Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump and Governor Chris Christie, SCDP Chairman Jaime Harrison stated:

“Donald Trump’s recent remarks are outright offensive to South Carolina’s service members, veterans, and military families.  These comments, combined with his incendiary remarks about immigrants, show that he is vastly unqualified to lead our country. The fact that he continues to lead the Republican presidential field in the polls is emblematic of the stark differences between our two parties.  As Republicans focus on protecting special interests and the wealthy, Democrats fight every day to make sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed.”

“Chris Christie is a failed Republican Governor who claims he is a problem solver and ‘tells it like it is’ but in essence he is running for President to simply get away from the disastrous economic policies he implemented in New Jersey. These days, Gov. Christie and his Republican cohorts are trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s repulsive comments, when in fact, they share the same values.  Both men have campaigned on slashing education spending and leaving the national minimum wage unchanged,” said SCDP Chairman Jaime Harrison. “Republican candidates continue to prioritize their wealthy friends over South Carolina’s working families. Luckily, we have great Democratic presidential candidates fighting for all Americans.”

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