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Tonight, President Biden Will Lay Out His Vision for South Carolinians’ Future While Trump Attacks Working People’s Freedoms and Panders to His Billionaire Friends

Jun 27, 2024

Ahead of the presidential debate tonight, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair

Christale Spain released the following statement:

“Tonight, South Carolinians will see the stark contrast between President Biden’s vision for the future – building on his agenda of lowering prices, creating good-paying jobs, and protecting our fundamental freedoms – and convicted felon Donald Trump’s plan to give more tax breaks to his billionaire donors at working families’ expense. Trump poses a continued and serious threat to families in South Carolina across the nation, as he puts himself above the American voters and our democracy, wants to ban abortion nationwide, and threatens access to affordable health care and to gut Social Security and Medicare. Tonight, President Biden will make it clear that he works for America’s working families, while Trump only cares about himself.”

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