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South Carolina Democratic Party Statement on SCOTUS Decision on Emergency Reproductive Care as Donald Trump Pursues Agenda to Ban Abortion Nationwide

Jun 27, 2024

Today, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Christale Spain released the following statement after the Supreme Court decision on emergency abortion care:

“South Carolina women understand that reproductive health care – emergency or otherwise – remains in jeopardy thanks to Donald Trump. Trump orchestrated the fall of Roe v. Wade and believes that the abortion bans put in place by his MAGA allies are ‘working very brilliantly.’ From endorsing extreme abortion bans to supporting the prosecution of women who seek abortion care, Trump and his MAGA minions want to punish women. If elected, Trump won’t stop at denying women emergency care, he’ll ban access to abortion nationwide at the cost of even more women’s health. South Carolinians won’t stand for Trump’s agenda to rip away even more of their freedoms, and they won’t allow him back in the White House.” 

Trump will stop at nothing to fulfill his radical goal of ripping away reproductive freedom for every single woman across America:

  • Trump has endorsed a national abortion ban and supports the extreme abortion bans that states have enacted since he orchestrated the fall of Roe v. Wade.
  • In fact, he thinks that cruel bans across the country are ‘working very brilliantly’ as women are denied critical and lifesaving care.
  • Trump has left the door wide open for restricting access to contraception,including emergency contraception.

While Trump and MAGA Republicans are working to restrict access to contraception and abortion nationwide, President Biden and Vice President Harris will protect a woman’s right to choose:

  • Calling on Congress to codify the protections of Roe into law, restoring rights women relied on for nearly 50 years.
  • Standing by the FDA’s evidence-based approval of mifepristone and defending the FDA’s independent, expert authority to review, approve, and regulate a wide range of prescription drugs.
  • Fighting to ensure access to emergency medical care.
  • Strengthening patient privacy and access to contraception.
  • Supporting a woman’s right to travel for medical care.

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