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Sen. Margie Bright Matthews Blasts Nikki Haley for Supporting 6-Week Abortion Ban

Nov 27, 2023

Ahead of Nikki Haley’s first stop in South Carolina since admitting she would have signed the Palmetto’s State’s six-week abortion ban if she were governor, Senator Margie Bright Matthews, one of the five “Sister Senators” who fought against the legislation, released the following statement:

“In her desperate race for second place, Nikki Haley is showing the country what we already know about her — she’s a dangerous MAGA Republican who is as committed to ripping away women’s freedoms across the country as she was when she was governor. I fought hard, along with the other Sister Senators, against the six-week ban that puts women’s lives at risk and threatens doctors with jail time – there’s nothing moderate about it, and there’s nothing moderate about Nikki Haley.”

“Instead of chasing the MAGA base, Nikki Haley should be fighting for a Palmetto State ballot referendum so women voters get to decide what happens to their bodies, not MAGA Republicans.”

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