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REMINDER: DeSantis Would Repeal the Affordable Care Act and Force Hundreds of Thousands of South Carolinians off Health Insurance if Given the Chance

Dec 01, 2023

Over the weekend, Donald Trump admitted he would repeal the Affordable Care Act the next chance he got. Yesterday, Nikki Haley left the door open to repealing the ACA, threatening health care that millions of Americans rely on. As Ron DeSantis lands in South Carolina, voters deserve to know exactly where he stands.

“Ron DeSantis has made no secret of his disregard for his constituents’ health – look no further than Florida’s rising health care costs, his refusal to expand Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of Floridians in the insurance gap, and his record of calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. After spending years attacking the ACA in Congress and voting to rip away coverage from millions of Americans, South Carolinians deserve to know if DeSantis is going to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps and work to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” said South Carolina Democratic Party Spokesperson Alyssa Bradley.

DeSantis has spent years attacking the Affordable Care Act – even voting to repeal it in Congress despite not having a single replacement for the millions who would be kicked off health insurance.

  • DeSantis: “We must repeal ObamaCare. … I have no desire to ‘improve’ or ‘reform’ ObamaCare. I intend to repeal it.”
  • DeSantis: “Obamacare should never have been passed.”
  • DeSantis: “The full and complete repeal of ObamaCare is one of the most critical issues of our time.”
  • DeSantis voted three different times to repeal the Affordable Care Act in Congress. He even voted to let states roll back requirements for coverage of essential health services and pave the way for higher premiums for hardworking Americans.

DeSantis doesn’t care about making sure his constituents have access to affordable health care. He is running one of 10 states that hasn’t expanded Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of folks in the insurance gap.

  • Expanding Medicaid in Florida could help 789,800 adults have access to health insurance, but DeSantis is more focused on culture wars than helping them.
  • While DeSantis refuses to support affordable health care, Florida faces some of the highest hospital bills in the nation.

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