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SCDP Comments on the State of the State Address

Jan 31, 2020

SCDP Comments on the State of the State Address

Columbia, SC – South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Trav Robertson Jr. released the following statement on Governor Henry McMaster’s State of the State address:

“South Carolina has been under Republican leadership for almost two decades, and look at where we are. Under Governor Henry McMaster the wealth gap continues to widen, our people still do not have access to affordable healthcare, hospitals are closing and laying off staff, our public schools are struggling, and women’s rights are under attack. It is clear that this leadership has continued to fail South Carolinians time and time again. We deserve better.

“As Democrats we must be clear that we will not tolerate any efforts by the GOP to send our state funds to private, unaccountable schools that will wreak havoc on local and struggling school districts. We will not let this state’s schools be stripped for parts to support voucher schemes.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us. We will continue working to elect Democrats to our State House who will work to provide healthcare for all, build an economy that works for everyone, eliminate the culture of corruption, and put South Carolinians first. It would be wise for Governor McMaster to listen to Representative Rutherford’s vision for a better South Carolina tonight. We have work to do, Democrats are up for the challenge.”


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