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Lindsey Graham skips out at Senate Impeachment hearing

Jan 31, 2020

Lindsey Graham skips out at Senate Impeachment hearing

Lindsey Graham, along with many other Republican senators have been skipping out on portions of the Impeachment Trial. Earlier this week, Mitch McConnell and Senator Chuck Schumer released official decorum guidelines mandating that “senators should plan to be in attendance at all times during the proceedings,” many Republicans have ignored these guidelines. At times, more than a third of the 53 Republican senators were absent during the same part of the hearing.

Based on accounts from journalists in Washington, a few Republican senators were absent from the chambers “for a long time.” Lindsey Graham was one of those senators.

Today, while Rep. Jerry Nadler showed a clip of Graham from the 1999 Impeachment hearings, Graham was conveniently absent from the chamber. He was the only senator not in the chamber during that moment.

South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Trav Robertson, Jr., released the following statement regarding Lindsey Graham’s absence during the Impeachment trial:

“Looks like Lindsey Graham has been frequently skipping out during the Impeachment Trial. How could someone who pledged to do ‘impartial justice,’ not even show up to listen?

Although, I can’t really say this comes at much of a surprise. Lindsey has repeatedly neglected his job and the South Carolinians he represents. He hasn’t held a town hall in South Carolina in years, probably because he’s too busy kissing up to Trump on the golf course.

It’s extremely disappointing that Lindsey isn’t doing the job he is paid to do. Since his time in Congress, taxpayers have paid him about $3.9 million. That sounds like way too much money to not do your job, Lindsey.”


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