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SCDP Chair Calls on Nancy Mace to Cancel Fundraiser Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases in Lowcountry

Jul 20, 2020



Phone: (803) 832-0819


Candidate Nancy Mace’s decision to host Vice President Mike Pence, at an in-person fundraiser, in the epicenter of this virus, is irresponsible, selfish and dangerous. The zip code 29403, where Mace is holding the event, currently leads our state in confirmed COVID-19 cases

For Mace to encourage a crowd of people to assemble in this hotspot, proves she isn’t fit to serve in Congress.  If Nancy Mace is willing to risk the lives of every resident in the 1st District, how can a single voter trust her to put the health and safety of those living in the Lowcountry over her blind political ambitions?

 The last thing we need is another member of Congress ignoring the experts and playing politics with this virus. As an act of service, and to stop the spread of the coronavirus in South Carolina, Nancy Mace should cancel her dangerous and self-serving fundraiser immediately. 






Trav Robertson, Jr.

SCDP Chair

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