Traitorous Lindsey Graham Has Shamed South Carolina Once Again

Jan 08, 2021

Traitorous Lindsey Graham has shamed South Carolina once again.

In a tongue in cheek speech delivered from the Senate floor, Graham lamented the loss of his friendship with Donald Trump, lauded the States (including South Carolina) who following the election of 1876 successfully exchanged their votes in order to uphold white supremacy in the South for another 100 years, and called Trump a “consequential president”.


Let’s take a look back at the evolution of Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s spineless Senator and how he and other republicans enabled the Trump traitors who violently took over the United States Capital this week.


It’s not just Senator Graham, who allegedly pressured Georgia officials to toss out votes, but the entire South Carolina GOP, from Lindsey Graham to Mick Mulvaney, to Nancy Mace and every down ballot Republican have been virulent supporters of Trump culminating in the chaos we saw descend upon the United States Capitol.

Our Democracy deserves elected officials who take their oath to protect it seriously.


Read the full press release here, where SC Democrats unequivocally call for the following:

  • Congress to call for the immediate removal of Donald Trump from office

  • Demanding SC Republicans in Congress support charging Donald Trump with sedition and inciting insurrection

  • South Carolina Republican members of Congress must provide proof to the contrary, or also be charged with sedition



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