REMINDER: Nikki Haley Tried to Rip Away Affordable Health Care From South Carolinians and Could Do the Same as President

Nov 28, 2023

Despite the Affordable Care Act’s historic achievements delivering health care to millions of Americans, Nikki Haley has a track record of trying to fight the law in South Carolina. South Carolina Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement:

“Nikki Haley and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin. As Trump renews his call to repeal the Affordable Care Act, we are once again reminded that Nikki Haley’s time as governor was just another iteration of the extreme MAGA agenda to rip affordable health care away from thousands of South Carolinians. It’s no surprise that she just received the shameful endorsement of Americans for Prosperity, which has relentlessly fought to repeal the ACA. Families in the Palmetto State suffered because Nikki Haley decided to play politics with their health care access — fighting against Medicaid expansion and rejecting ACA funds — and under a Haley presidency, the rest of the country would suffer too.”

It’s no surprise she was endorsed by Americans for Prosperity — architects of the MAGAnomics agenda known for their relentless attacks on and pushes to repeal the Affordable Care Act for over a decade.

  • Haley said she is honored to receive the endorsement of the group, which sent out advertisements with debunked claims about the Affordable Care Act.
  • Americans for Prosperity has spent millions trying to gut access to affordable health care for South Carolinians and folks across the country.

As governor, Nikki Haley repeatedly “[put] her foot down on progress” when it came to lowering costs and expanding access to health care:

  • Haley refused to implement health insurance exchanges in South Carolina that would help residents compare private insurance costs to the ACA marketplace and ensure they were paying the lowest cost for value.
  • Haley was also one of only a handful of extreme governors who refused to expand Medicaid under the ACA, which could have provided an additional 340,000 eligible South Carolinians with access to coverage.

Don’t just take our word for it, take Haley’s:

  • Haley: “We have fought Obamacare in South Carolina as much as we possibly could. We said no to the state exchanges. We said no to the Medicaid expansion.”
  • Haley: “As long as I am the governor of South Carolina, we will not expand Medicaid on President Obama’s watch. We will not expand Medicaid ever.”

Haley: “When it came to Obamacare, we didn’t just say ‘no,’ we said ‘never.’’’