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Tim Scott’s “Listening Tour” Puts Extreme Record Front and Center

Feb 16, 2023

Today, Tim Scott launches his “Faith in America” listening tour in Charleston in apparent preparation for a presidential campaign. The only problem? No matter what he says on the trail, Scott won’t be able to paper over his disastrous record. 

Here’s a look at what Scott will have to answer for as he hits the road:

  • Instead of helping those who need them most, the “Opportunity Zones” Tim Scott pushed gave tax breaks to wealthy real estate developers while largely leaving the small businesses and low-income communities it was supposed to help out to dry.
  • Scott is a self-described “architect” of the 2017 GOP tax scam that gave huge tax breaks to the ultra wealthy at the expense of working families. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Scott and the GOP’s tax plan provided a major boost to South Carolinians making over $1 million a year rather than focusing on helping working families. 
  • For years, Scott has been a staunch supporter of putting Medicare and Social Security  on the chopping block. After supporting Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it, he claimed that the seniors and retired folks who depended on the programs have an “entitlement mentality” despite paying into the programs their whole lives. 
  • Scott has said he is “100 percent” committed to efforts to ban abortion, co-sponsoring legislation that would criminalize abortion and could make some forms of contraception, including the Plan B pill, illegal.

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