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South Carolina Democratic Party hires full-time Voter Protection Director

Jan 15, 2020

South Carolina Democratic Party hires full-time Voter Protection Director

Columbia, SC — The South Carolina Democratic Party is excited to welcome Shaundra Young Scott to the SCDP staff as the full-time Director of Voter Protection.

The Party is partnering with Fair Fight and investing in year-round protection of voting rights for every South Carolinian. This is a crucial election year and fighting voter suppression is a top priority of the South Carolina Democratic Party. South Carolinians not only have the right to an equal opportunity to cast their vote, but to have that vote count — the South Carolina Democratic Party is fighting to secure that right for every eligible voter across the state.

The SCDP is pleased to welcome Shaundra, an experienced attorney and political activist, to help lead this effort and we look forward to her building a robust voter protection team.

Most recently, Shaundra served as the Deputy Political Director for the Kamala Harris campaign in South Carolina. Prior to her campaign work, for several years Shaundra served as the Executive Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina. In addition, she worked as an attorney for SC Legal Services for a decade and represented low-income South Carolinians across the state.

“We are pleased to welcome Shaundra to lead the voter protection team. The Party has wanted to hire someone to protect the rights of voters for sometime, we just have not had the financial resources to make that a reality. We are excited that Fair Fight has chosen to partner with the SCDP to end voter suppression in S.C.

“Trump and Republicans across the state have been attacking voting rights for far too long. They know they do not have the support to stay in power, instead they continue to undermine our democracy by intentionally keeping eligible citizens, especially minority communities, from casting a vote. Enough is enough. We are committed to fighting voter suppression in this state, and ensuring that every voice is heard and every vote counts,” Trav Robertson, Jr., SCDP Chairman.



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