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SHOT/CHASER: After Trying to Distract From Her Extreme Abortion Record, Susan B. Anthony Group Confirms Haley Supports National Ban

Apr 26, 2023

Nikki Haley offered “few specifics” during her abortion “policy” speech yesterday, but Susan B. Anthony Pro Life group was quick to confirm Haley promised to back a national abortion ban as president.

SHOT: Nikki Haley twisted herself into a pretzel to avoid talking about her extreme record of banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest as governor and her support for a national abortion ban.

Politico: “The sole female Republican presidential candidate promised to speak about the issue both ‘directly’ and ‘openly.’ But she offered few specifics during her speech inside a converted breakroom at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America’s Arlington office, instead calling for the country to reach an unspecified “national consensus” on abortion to ‘save as many lives and help as many moms as possible.’

“Haley’s struggle to articulate a clear position on abortion in an address that was billed as a chance to do just that highlights how fraught the issue is for Republicans on the national campaign trail. GOP candidates have lost a number of races to Democrats who championed abortion rights in the post-Dobbs era, and, over the past few weeks, presidential aspirants have walked on eggshells when discussing the topic.”

CHASER: SBA confirms Haley privately promised to back a national abortion ban.

Politico: “An SBA spokesperson told POLITICO that Haley ‘has assured us that she will commit to 15 weeks.’

“Dannenfelser has maintained that her organization will oppose Republican presidential candidates who don’t embrace, at minimum, a national 15-week limit on abortions.”

LIME: Even Fox News noted this morning that Nikki Haley’s agenda is clear – she’s signed an abortion ban before, and she would do it again as president.

Bill Hemmer on Fox News: “As governor she signed a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. She made an exception for a mother’s life, but no exception for rape or incest. She thinks a federal law should be implemented.”

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