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SCDP Statement on Nikki Haley Bringing Her MAGA Agenda to the Upstate

May 04, 2023

Ahead of Nikki Haley’s rally in Greer tonight, South Carolina Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement:

“Since her last visit to the Palmetto State, Nikki Haley’s desperation for the MAGA base reached new lows as she tripled down on her anti-abortion record — endorsing a national abortion ban and outright bragging about signing an abortion ban with NO exceptions for rape or incest. Haley is scrambling to compete with the rest of the GOP field on who can propose the most MAGA agenda – from cutting Social Security and Medicare to handing out tax breaks to the biggest corporations – and as Republicans continue parachuting into South Carolina, you can be sure they’ll keep pushing even more extreme policies.”

Here’s what Haley has been up to since her last visit:

  • Haley embraced a national abortion ban during her speech at the headquarters of anti-choice extremist group Susan B. Anthony’s List.
  • And she released an ad BRAGGING about her record as governor where she signed legislation banning abortion that had no exceptions for rape or incest and threatened doctors and nurses with jail time for providing care for their patients.

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