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SCDP Condemns Lindsey Graham for Betraying Oath of Impartiality

Jan 31, 2020

SCDP Condemns Lindsey Graham for Betraying Oath of Impartiality

Columbia, S.C. — Today, Trav Robertson, chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, released the following statement condemning Lindsey Graham for betraying his oath to do “impartial justice” after revelations that Graham may have been in the loop on the President’s actions in Ukraine.

“How can we expect a person who was part of the extortion scheme, part of the betrayal of South Carolina’s values of honesty, justice and fairness to root out the corruption plaguing the highest levels of our government?” Robertson said. “If Lev Parnas is telling us the truth that Lindsey Graham knew what was going on with Trump and Ukraine, it is overwhelmingly clear that Graham cannot be trusted to be an impartial juror. I call on Leningrad Lindsey to recuse himself from the impeachment trial and let justice have its day.”

The revelations that Lindsey Graham may have been involved in Donald Trump’s extortion scheme in Ukraine come after a CNN interview between Anderson Cooper and key witness Lev Parnas, who is currently under indictment.

Watch the interview HERE.


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