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SCDP Chair Statement on Nikki Haley Delivering GOP SOTU Response

Jan 12, 2016


Columbia, SC –  Tonight, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement on Governor Nikki Haley’s response to the President’s State of the Union speech.

“Governor Haley’s response represents a Republican Party whose values do not match up with their rhetoric. Gov. Haley would like our nation to believe that she is a unifier, committed to helping South Carolinians and working families across the country, yet she’s peddling the same trickle-down economics that only benefit the very wealthy. We’ve tried that before and it failed.

“In her own home state Gov. Haley has refused to accept the funds available to expand Medicaid and provide health care to the nearly 200,000 individuals without health insurance. Gov. Haley has chosen to side with her party’s wealthy backers instead of ensuring the middle class and working families have the opportunity to make a livable wage and providing quality, affordable education for their children.  

“On all of the issues, Gov. Haley has chosen to side with a rigid and radical ideology over the welfare of the people she was elected to serve. This is not the record of someone who is being considered for Vice President. America and South Carolina deserve better.”


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