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REMINDER: Nikki Haley’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Record Started in South Carolina

Nov 09, 2023

After Nikki Haley tried to pull the wool over voters’ eyes regarding her anti-abortion record, South Carolina Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement:

“Nikki Haley is trying to sugarcoat her extreme anti-abortion record, but South Carolinians have a long memory. From signing an abortion ban with NO exceptions for rape and incest into law as governor to voting to end abortion coverage for victims of rape and incest in the state health plan as a South Carolina legislator, Nikki Haley is just as extreme as the rest of the MAGA 2024 field. There’s no way to spin it: Haley banned abortion in the Palmetto State and would sign a national abortion ban, if given the chance.”

Take a look at her record:

  • As a state legislator in 2010, Nikki Haley voted to end abortion coverage for victims of rape and incest in the state health plan for employees.
  • Just a few years later as governor, Haley signed an abortion ban that made no exceptions for rape or incest and threatened doctors with jail time for providing care for their patients.
  • After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Haley celebrated and called on Republicans to pass abortion bans nationwide.
  • Haley has doubled and tripled down on her vow to sign a national abortion ban.
  • And just yesterday during the third Republican presidential debate, Haley admitted she would sign “any” national abortion ban that made it to her desk if she were president.

Let’s be honest: If she votes like a MAGA anti-abortion Republican, and signs laws like a MAGA anti-abortion Republican… She’s a MAGA anti-abortion Republican.

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