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“Our unity has birthed renewed hope”

Jul 09, 2015

Columbia, SC – South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement regarding last night’s vote by the South Carolina State House to remove the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds.

“Our leaders in Columbia deserve a great deal of thanks for exercising courage to remove the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds,” SCDP Chair Jaime Harrison said. “There are people on both sides of this issue who exhibited constraint and civility during these turbulent times.  I know our friend Clementa Pinckney would be proud.”

“Over the past few weeks South Carolina showed that we could stare down hatred and bigotry,” Harrison added. “We have been battered, bruised and heart broken, yet last night we were able to accomplish something that many believed to be impossible.

“Our unity has birthed renewed hope. A divisive symbol may be departing but the real work remains.  We must continue to fight for access to health care through Medicaid expansion, equitable funding for education, economic development for rural communities, investment in our deteriorating infrastructure and racial healing.

“I hope we use this experience as an example of how we can move forward together.”

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