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“New” Republicans, Same Old Policies

Jul 27, 2015


Columbia, SC– South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison issues the following statement regarding Republican Presidential candidates Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s campaign visits to the Palmetto State.

“Senators Rubio and Paul both claim to be a ‘new’ type of Republican but both Senators are part of a Republican Presidential field that opposes raising the federal minimum wage. Senator Rubio even said the suggestion of raising the minimum wage in order to help Americans move up was ‘silly’ and called discussion of the Paycheck Fairness Act ‘wasting time.’

“As South Carolinians work more hours for less wages, Republicans need to take seriously the difficulties that too many families face in paying for healthcare, education, and childcare. While Republican candidates cling to policies of the past, Democrats will continue working to improve the lives of working families left behind by a Republican Party that puts the interests of the wealthy ahead of the middle class.”

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