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Lindsey Graham Sides With Abusers and Stalkers

Dec 04, 2019

Lindsey Graham Sides With Abusers and Stalkers

Columbia, S.C. — Today, Trav Robertson, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair, released the following statement criticizing Lindsey Graham for supporting a domestic violence prevention bill that endangers victims.

“By supporting this bill, Lindsey Graham puts the lives of those who suffer from or those affected by domestic violence,” Robertson said. “He is working to not only jeopardize victim’s safety and security but also protecting the rights of abusers and stalkers. Sen. Graham’s only concern is re-election and Washington politics, not South Carolinians. Shame on you, Lindsey.”

According to the violence policy center, South Carolina was rated the fifth worst state for domestic violence. Almost 70 percent of murdered women were killed by current or former husbands or boyfriends. Women make up over half of our state, and Lindsey is saying that he does not value their safety the same way he values that of violent abusers.


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