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Lindsey Graham Pushes to Lower Crucial COVID-19-Related Unemployment Relief

Aug 07, 2020


August 7, 2020


Manuel Bonder, 857-928-2030,


Lindsey Graham Pushes to Lower Crucial COVID-19-Related Unemployment Relief

Columbia, S.C. — Once again, Lindsey Graham is taking a position that makes one wonder, who is he working for in Washington? In April, Sen. Graham boasted that “over our dead bodies” would Congress extend the emergency unemployment boost provided by the bipartisan CARES Act. Now, the Senator is pushing to lower unemployment benefits for folks who have lost their jobs in the pandemic through no fault of their own.

The reality is, Sen. Graham has been party to a devastating summer of inaction — one where he frittered away his time on the golf course rather than working towards real solutions to bring needed relief to South Carolina’s laid-off workers and cash-strapped communities. Cases have skyrocketed, deaths have mounted nationwide, working families and small businesses across South Carolina are hurting, and the Senate is still nowhere near a new bill.

“Sen. Graham’s inaction — as this pandemic has raged on and the economic devastation has worsened — has made South Carolina’s working families and small businesses worse off,” Manuel Bonder, coordinated campaign spokesperson said. “We need someone in that office who will step up and face problems head on in order to make life better for folks across our state. Once again, Lindsey is proving he’s not that leader.”


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