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South Carolina Democratic Party Statement on the Five Republican Legislators who Voted Against the Emergency Coronavirus Bill

Mar 20, 2020

Columbia, SC — The South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman, Trav Robertson Jr., released the following statement after several South Carolina Republican Members of Congress voted against the emergency coronavirus bill.


“At this time, it is more important than ever before to come together and do what’s right for South Carolinians. Five of the nine elected officials we send to Washington failed to do that. Each of these five elected officials claim to love our people yet they refuse to help. How can we elect people who believe that suffering is okay? What other solutions to this crisis and to prevent economic disaster in SC have they proposed? The answer is none.” 

“Here in South Carolina, businesses are closing their doors, restaurants and bars are letting go of staff, and people across the state are filing for unemployment. Either these representatives haven’t made it a priority to listen to the people in the state they represent, or they just don’t care. South Carolinians deserve better than this failed leadership.”

U.S. House of Representatives members from South Carolina who voted against the bill:

Joe Wilson

Jeff Duncan 

Ralph Norman

William Timmons

U.S. Senators from South Carolina who voted against the bill:

Tim Scott




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