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Jul 08, 2021

COLUMBIA, SC — South Carolina minimum wage workers have not received a raise since 2009. The same cannot be said for Henry McMaster’s political appointees who just received massive taxpayer-funded raises on top of their six figure salaries.

These state agency leaders, who serve on behalf of the people of South Carolina, and are paid by taxpayers should refuse these massive pay increases. Many of these taxpayers earn $7.25 an hour before taxes. Today, the SCDP calls on Henry McMaster to direct these executives to refuse the pay increases. The work our state employees do is imperative to the success and health of our state, these administrators included, but to have their pay raised so dramatically while many of their subordinates make poverty wages is bad form and stinks of corruption.

By refusing a state minimum wage of $15 an hour while allowing massive pay raises for his appointees, McMaster has shown once again that he does not care about working families.


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