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Governor McHypocrite

Sep 02, 2021

COLUMBIA, SC — Henry McMaster is doing everything in his power to pivot the narrative away from his horrible handling of COVID-19 in South Carolina which has led to two hospitals with no remaining ICU beds and schools being forced to switch to virtual learning. Today he announced he would finally make an investment in our state’s infrastructure, which has been crumbling for decades under Republican leadership… but he is using COVID relief funds (which he criticized) to do so. 

Henry actually led the charge in mobilizing 21 governors AGAINST this funding which he deemed to be “biased.” So now Henry, who cut South Carolinians off from their federal COVID unemployment benefits, is upset that he is not getting enough assistance from the federal government? Henry is a giant hypocrite who is okay with federal assistance when it’s for his projects, not when it is putting food on the table or expanding Medicaid.

“Henry McMaster is a hypocrite, plain and simple,” said SCDP Chair Trav Robertson, Jr. “He is now praising the federal funding that he whined about back in February. Henry spent all summer complaining about COVID aid from the federal government, only to turn around and use that very aid to distract from his disastrous COVID response. If Henry is now a big supporter of improving infrastructure, something we have advocated for all along, I expect all members of his party to support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.”


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