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Do Drew McKissick and South Carolina Republicans Agree with Trump that Putin is ‘Smart,’ ‘Savvy’ and a ‘Genius’?

Mar 01, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The Republican Party’s leader has spent the last week shamelessly praising Vladimir Putin as the Russian military indiscriminately bombs Ukrainian civilians. Republicans have worked hard to avoid answering questions about Donald Trump’s praise but that simply is not a tenable position as the Ukrainian people bravely fight back against Putin’s invasion.

“As long as Republicans look to Donald Trump as their party leader they have to answer for his reckless adoration of an authoritarian,” said SCDP Chair Trav Robertson, Jr. “Before South Carolina Republicans: Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Nancy Mace, Joe Wilson, Ralph Norman, Jeff Duncan, William Timmons, Henry McMaster, Jay Lucas, Harvey Peeler, and Drew McKissick stand with their leader Donald Trump in Florence in two weeks, they have to answer a few questions.”

Do you agree with Donald Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin as “savvy,” a “genius,” and “smart?” Do you condemn his praise? Would you still support him if he runs for the GOP nomination?


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