South Carolina Democratic Party

VAN Access

Power Your Campaign With Votebuilder

What is VAN?

VAN aka Votebuilder aka the Voter Activation Network is a national online database administered by the
DNC and maintained at the state level by the voter file manager. We work directly with the South
Carolina State Board of Elections and third-party vendors to update VAN several times per year with the
latest voter registration and voter contact information. VAN enables your campaign to effectively target
voters, manage volunteer events, and store the data your campaign needs to get out the vote.

Get VAN access:

To get access to VAN please contact our Technology Director Matt Greene at

Who can access VAN?

Democratic campaigns from the municipal level to the federal level, labor unions, and progressive strategy firms can pay the South Carolina State Dems for access to Votebuilder.

How long do I have access?

Once the leasing fee is paid, access is granted until the end of the year.

Help, I’ve never used VAN!

Good news! The voter file manager will provide online trainings throughout the year and is available for individual coaching sessions. NGP VAN also has several online resources available to help you get started.


The VAN-ual
The MiniVAN-ual

Once you have logged into VAN, you will also see a Help Wiki link located on the right side of the webpage. There are several topics covered with links to pdf files and training videos.