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SCDP Chair Trav Robertson, Jr. Remembers Emilie D. Theodore & General Jim Lander

Nov 10, 2020

“We are relieved for the promise of a better tomorrow with the election of President-elect Biden and Vice President Harris. As the campaigns neared election day, we lost two Democrats upon whose shoulders I and this party stand…”

Mrs. Emilie D. Theodore and General Jim Lander

Emilie Theodore was in a class of her own. She was intelligent, kind and as much a statesperson as her husband, Lt. Governor Nick Theodore. Together, they made our state a constant priority. I last visited with Ms. Emily during the 2018 gubernatorial debate in Greenville. We thank her family for sharing her with our state for so many years. Our thoughts are Lt. Governor Theodore and his wonderful family.






The Wednesday after the 1998 Election Day, I scurried down the interstate to a warehouse in Charleston to watch the review of 5000 ballots. Those ballots would determine the race for State Treasurer and Comptroller General, Jim Lander’s race. He would go on from that day to serve with distinction. On the morning of September 11, 2001 morning, I found myself in General Lander’s campaign office, searching for and finding comfort in the words of Jim Lander and his fellow General,Grady Patterson as we all reeled from the devastation of an attack on American soil. The city of Newberry has lost a tremendous icon and this party has lost another committed leader able to put SC above politics. Rest well General Lander.

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