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Official Statement from SCDP 2nd Vice Chair Anthony B. Thompson Jr. on SCDP Black Caucus Interim Chair

Apr 27, 2021

SDCP 2nd Vice Chair Anthony B. Thompson Jr. released the following statement:

As 2nd Vice Chair of the S.C. Democratic Party that provides oversight to the Caucuses of the Party, I would like to take this time to announce the appointment of Beverly Diane Frierson as Interim Chair of the SCDP Black Caucus.  She will serve in this capacity until the elections are held for Chair of the SCDP Black Caucus.  While the notice from Johnnie Cordero to pursue other endeavors was respectfully received, we appreciate his leadership and service during the time he was Chair of the SCDP Black Caucus.  The issues of the Black community still need to be at the forefront, particularly in this current day.  We are looking for continued leadership of the SCDP Black Caucus to continue to address, educate, advocate, and maximize opportunities that will not only bring an awareness that impacts the Black community but to initiate positive levels of necessary change.
Frierson, a graduate of the James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship, served as the Faith Engagement Coordinator for the Presidential Campaign of Pete Buttigieg in South Carolina. She currently serves as the Executive Committeewoman of the Richland County Democratic Party.When asked who is invited to become a member of SCDP Black Caucus, Frierson said, “Membership is open to all Democrats who are committed to working with SCDP to make our Party stronger and more inclusive through voter education, voter registration, and by proactively addressing challenges including voter suppression.”

Frierson added, “The strength of our Party is invested in the talents and resources of Democrats regardless of age, color, or socio-economic status.”

She concluded, “If you are a Democrat who will work to strengthen SCDP, you are invited to join SCDP Black Caucus which will meet virtually via Zoom on Tuesday, May 25 at 7 PM.”

For more information, contact:
Beverly Diane Frierson
Interim Chair
SCDP Black Caucus


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