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SCDP Press Clips January 25, 2021

Jan 25, 2021

SCDP Press Clips

January 25, 2021

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Gov. Henry McMaster releases statement on COVID-19 vaccine progress in South Carolina He said in a tweet on Sunday that, as of January 20, state hospitals have administered 20,642 vaccinations per day. Read More.
Rosewood plane crash raises concerns about balancing busy airport with large neighborhood While the National Transportation Safety Board investigates the crash, neighbors and city leaders wrestle with how to balance development of the airport and in the neighborhood. Read More.
City of Orangeburg prepares to provide employee vaccinations The city has prepared the City Gym as the vaccination site. Read More.
MB business owners want tourists to regain their confidence before the start of the season With COVID-19 cases still taking a toll on the economy, business owners along the Boardwalk are worried about their future. Read More.
Who are the candidates for City Council in North Augusta? North Augusta voters will soon fill three city council seats. Read More.
How Senators would resolve vaccine delays Nikki Setzler sees a way to speed up covid vaccinations.The West Columbia senator has urged Gov. Henry McMaster to turn over vaccine rollout to Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston Jr., a former SC Adjutant General. Read More.



North Carolina Zoo welcomes new polar bear in the hopes of having cubs With talk of a possible Nikki Haley – Kamala Harris contest in 2024 already swirling, the latest developments offer an interesting wrinkle. Read More.

Ex-Nikki Haley lawyer to defend Trump in impeachment trial With talk of a possible Nikki Haley – Kamala Harris contest in 2024 already swirling, the latest developments offer an interesting wrinkle. Read More.

Ten Republicans voted to impeach Donald Trump. The backlash has been swift In South Carolina, a local Republican is getting so many calls urging him to run against Mr. Rice that he can’t keep his phone charged. Read More.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders officially announces run for Arkansas governor Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is officially running for governor of Arkansas, she announced Monday. Read More.

Some Trump aides stuck with him till the end. Now they’re screwed The former president has all but vanished from public view while his former team navigates an unforgiving job market. Read More.


Moderna says it’s working on Covid booster shot for variant in South Africa, says current vaccine provides some protection Read More.

6 Park Rangers Ambushed and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador tests positive for Covid-19 Killed in Congo Gorilla Reserve The President, who tweeted from his official Twitter account, said his symptoms are mild and that he was receiving medical treatment. Read More.

Estonia to get first female PM as government deal clinched Estonia’s two biggest political parties clinched a deal on Sunday to form a new government to be led by a female prime minister. Read More.



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