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SCDP Press Clips for April 5, 2021

Apr 05, 2021

SCDP Press Clips for April 5, 2021

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McMaster has issued 26 emergency declarations for the pandemic. Here’s why they continue. Some South Carolinians might wonder why the state remains in a state of emergency when public life is beginning to return to normal. Read More.
Some Lowcountry churches meet in-person to celebrate Easter Every drop counts when administering the vaccine, because each one has an expiration date. Read More.
South Carolina to spend $6 million sponsoring PGA Tour golf tournament in Ridgeland South Carolina is getting a new PGA Tournament, and the state is footing part of the bill.Read More.
New Amtrak route proposed for Greenville goes to Charlotte and Atlanta. Here’s what we know. Amtrak released its 2035 vision plan, which includes an added route that passes through Greenville and goes to Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; and Birmingham, Alabama. Read More.
Will SC politicians change the law after investigator paid for sex acts at Horry spas? Numerous South Carolina lawmakers are now favoring new laws to restrict law enforcement from engaging in sexual activities while on the job. Read More.
Farm at Florence 1 looks to teach agriculture to students and the Florence Community Farm to School Coordinator Jeff Murrie began the farm-to-school program a few years ago. He said his dream was to open this type of facility specifically at the former home of the Clemson Research Station.. Read More.


Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace slams MLB for requiring photo ID to pick up tickets – while moving All-Stars Game from Georgia over new voter ID law Rep. Nancy Mace suggested the league’s ticket pick-up policy was hypocritical Read More.

Democrats fear a delay in redistricting threatens Black and Asian residents in two southern states Black and Asian American voters in Alabama and North Carolina, two of the states at the greatest risk for gerrymandering, per a report by the Brennan Center for Justice, are starting to sounding the alarm on how they could be impacted in major ways. Read More.

Republican lies helped defeat us in 2020. We’re going to shield House Democrats in 2022. Just eight votes separate the parties in the U.S. House of Representatives. With a shift in a handful of the 435 House districts, the speaker’s gavel would fall to Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. Read More.

Lindsey Graham tells Fauci to go to border and see ‘biggest super spreader event in the nation’ “Paging Dr. Fauci: You need to go to the southern border and witness in person the biggest super spreader event in the nation – President [Biden’s] immigration policies,” Graham tweeted. Read More.

Generation Unemployed: Another Class Of Graduates Faces Pandemic-Scarred Future The reality is that there may be plenty of cheaper-to-hire college graduates, but in an economy still recovering from major layoffs, there are also plenty more experienced workers desperate for jobs. Read More.



Jordan’s Prince Hamzah vows to defy ‘house arrest’ orders He was accused of plotting with “foreign entities” to destabilise the kingdom. Read More.

[VIDEO] Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to call for global minimum corporate tax Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made the remarks in a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Israeli PM back in court as parties weigh in on his fate In a nationally televised address, Netanyahu accused prosecutors of persecuting him in an attempt to undermine the will of the voters and to drive him out of office. Read More.

N Ireland sees 3rd night of unrest amid post-Brexit tensions The flareups come amid rising tensions over post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland and worsening relations between the parties in the Protestant-Catholic power-sharing Belfast government. Read More.




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