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SCDP Press Clips for April 11, 2021

Apr 12, 2021

SCDP Press Clips for April 11, 2021

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Report: South Carolina At ‘Extreme’ Risk Of Gerrymandering In 2021 A non-partisan advocacy group is concerned #SouthCarolina is at “extreme” risk of gerrymandering ahead of the next election cycle – the first political races to be held based on new boundaries drawn in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Census. Read More.
McMaster sued over order bringing all remaining S.C. state employees back to the workplace A lawsuit has been filed against South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster over his executive order that called for all remaining state employees still working from home to return to the workplace on a full-time basis. Read More.
‘Whiteness’ vilified by ‘the left,’ says SC Rep Vic Dabney-Kershaw who voted against hate crimes bill Dabney said he thinks white people are “constantly reminded that we are the problem because of our skin color.” Read More.
Former UN Ambassador, SC Gov. Nikki Haley visiting SC State campus Current S.C. State President James E. Clark had been appointed to a new Board of Trustees during Haley’s tenure as South Carolina’s governor. He was then named the school’s president in 2016. Read More.
Democrat Krystle Matthews Says Registration Key to Ousting SC’s Tim Scott Matthews, recently elected to her second term in the state House, represents a district that includes areas north of Charleston. In 2018, she ousted a four-term GOP incumbent, focusing her campaign on what she saw as a need to elect more representatives with “the working person’s voice.” Read More.


Poll: 72 percent approve of Covid relief law Support is nearly universal among Democrats and strong among independents, while GOP voters are split. Read More.

DNC chair: ‘Voting should not be a partisan thing’ The states that have introduced the largest number of voter reform bills are Texas, Georgia, and Arizona, with 49, 25, and 23 bills, respectively. Read More.

One of the Virginia police officers who pepper-sprayed an Army officer during a traffic stop has been fired Second Lt. Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino, is suing over the incident, claiming the two officers violated his rights guaranteed under the First and Fourth Amendments. Read More.

Trump goes on offensive in speech … against Republicans Trump shattered two days of relative peace in his closing remarks to the GOP’s top donors when he insulted the party’s Senate leader Mitch McConnell and his wife. Read More.

[VIDEO] Health alert issued for salmonella outbreak in raw, ground turkey Pounds of meat were reportedly shipped to major grocery chains with January “sell-by” dates. Watch Here.



‘Huge’ explosion rocks St. Vincent as volcano keeps erupting Experts called it a “huge explosion” that generated pyroclastic flows down the volcano’s south and southwest flanks.Read More.

Ukraine says Russia has moved 80,000 troops to border and Crimea, and Putin won’t talk Putin has sent thousands of forces toward the Ukrainian border recently, raising concerns among politicians in the United States and European Union. Read More.

India overtakes Brazil to become the second-worst hit country as Covid cases soar Since the beginning of April, India has reported more than 1.37 million cases, bringing the country’s total number of infections to over 13.5 million. Read More.




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