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SCDP Press Clips | February 22, 2021

Feb 22, 2021

SCDP Press Clips for February 22, 2021

{POLL} As the country hits the grim milestone of 500,000 deaths, it is clear that Americans need support to weather this crisis and an overwhelming majority of Americans support President Biden’s coronavirus relief agenda, including strong bipartisan support.

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Graham visits Arizona, criticizes Biden on border wall gaps Senator Lindsey Graham has released a series of tweets about a visit he took to Arizona to monitor construction of the U.S.-Mexican border wall. Read More.
Applications Open for South Carolina’s Next Poet Laureate Applicants must be 18 or older, be U.S. citizens, and have been residents of the state for at least a year to be eligible for the position. Poet laureate candidates are then recommended to the governor after a panel review. Read More.
Williamsburg High Schools to Merge In April 2018, the South Carolina Department of Education took over management of the Williamsburg County School District. Read More.
Beer and Wine Could be Delivered to Your Doorstep Soon, as SC Alcohol Bills Advance The fate of both proposals — born out of efforts to allow alcohol businesses to reach customers during the COVID-19 pandemic — is still rocky given past pushback from conservative lawmakers. Read More.
Orangeburg High School Students Can Now Earn College Degrees at No Cost Orangeburg Advance College will allow 25 high school students to earn an associates’ degree while they earn their high school diplomas. Read More.
SCDHEC launches dashboard to show COVID-19 variants cases in state; Pee Dee has most Traditionally, epidemiologists say that variants spread more easily and eventually become the dominant strains in an area. Read More.



From city halls, the plea for COVID-19 aid is bipartisan A very large and bipartisan majority of Americans would support congressional passage of a new stimulus bill to help those impacted by the pandemic. Read More.

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Increases Lending to Small Businesses in Need, Announces Changes to PPP to Further Promote Equitable Access to Relief The Biden-Harris administration has made delivering equitable relief to hard-hit small businesses a top priority. Read More.

“Show of force”: Trump to claim total control of GOP with first post-presidency speech A longtime adviser called Trump’s speech a “show of force,” and said the message will be: “I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I’m still in charge.” Payback is his chief obsession.Read More.

Apple reclaims global smartphone lead ahead of Samsung for first time since 2016 It’s the first time Apple has been on top since 2016, according to the report released Monday. Read More.



China Is Preparing for Another Olympics in Beijing, Like It or Not With the Winter Games less than a year away, a powerful and confident China is promising retaliation if any country boycotts the event over human rights. Read More.

Covid-19: Boris Johnson plans to reopen shops and gyms in England on 12 April The new four-step plan to ease lockdown could see all legal limits on social contact lifted by 21 June. Read More.

Oil spill leads Israel to close beaches as it faces one of its ‘most severe ecological disasters’ Blobs of sticky tar started washing up on the country’s Mediterranean shores last week. Images posted on official government accounts showed sea birds and turtles covered in tar and sticky oil. Read More.




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