Tuesday Morning Speaker: Amy Klobuchar

Sep 04, 2012

Senator Amy Klobuchar



South Carolina was honored to hear from another rising star of the Democratic Party today: Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Senator Klobuchar was introduced by former Congresswoman Liz Patterson. It’s really wonderful to see so many strong female leaders addressing our group. It’s another huge difference between our party and the GOP – we respect, encourage and support women. Senator Klobuchar was the first woman from Minnesota elected to the Senate. 

When she got to the stage she riled up the group talking about the importance of our Democratic values. Despite the geographic divide between Senator Klobuchar’s state and ours she connected with everyone talking about the importance of the middle-class, reigning in Wall St, securing Medicare and campaign finance reform (calling for a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United). 

Senator Klobuchar shared her personal story of living the American dream. It’s stories like hers that inspire us to be Democrats. We need to continue to fight for everyday Americans. As she reminded us electing Romney-Ryan would be a Mitt-stake!

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