55 Years Later, Democrats Continue the Fight for Affordable Healthcare

Jul 30, 2020


On this day in history, 55 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson alongside President  Harry S. Truman signed Medicare and Medicaid into law as part of the Social Security Amendments of 1965. This effectively provided health insurance to Americans over 65 and low-income Americans.

In South Carolina, over 1 million people depend on Medicare and over 800,000 depend on Social Security. As Democrats we will continue the fight for affordable healthcare and are deeply committed to protecting the healthcare of our country’s most vulnerable.

While supporting tax cuts for the rich and increased military spending, Lindsey Graham says that he wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Lindsey considers the elderly & low-income Americans a financial burden & that is why he wants to cut their programs. South Carolina deserves a Senator that is in touch with the needs of the state “Millions of South Carolinians depend on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security  — these are lifelines for so many families,” – Jaime Harrison. Lindsey Graham is a relic of the past and out of touch with South Carolinians who are forced to live with the consequences of his poor legislative decision making each and every day.


The current global health crisis has highlighted the need for Medicaid expansion in South Carolina. The facts are clear – “Caseloads [of COVID-19] are exploding in many of the 13 remaining states where Republican governors, legislators or both have refused to expand eligibility for Medicaid under the law.” Governor McMaster and the Republican-majority state legislature’s refusal to expand Medicaid has created a “coverage gap” leaving over 100,000 South Carolinians with no access to health insurance.

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