Introducing: Dr. Dawn Bingham, Candidate for SC Senate District 12

Jul 09, 2020

Meet Dr. Dawn Bingham.

Dr. Dawn Bingham is an OB/GYN, a mother of 4, a professor, and a community leader. She is running in South Carolina Senate District 12 which includes Greenville & Spartanburg Counties.

 I know access to healthcare, the quality of education, economic opportunity, and safety affect the health of a family and community far more than anything I can do at the hospital or around my kitchen table. Decisions about these fundamental needs are made at the statehouse, and impact each of our lives every single day.”

Why SC voters should elect Dr. Bingham to LEAD in District 12:

  • Leadership – Dr. Bingham is an experienced leader, serving her church community and as an educator of future medical doctors
  • Expertise – If elected, Dr. Bingham will be the only physician serving in the South Carolina Senate. Her authoritative voice on health policy matters is needed now more than ever as South Carolina faces the novel coronavirus
  • Advocacy – Dr. Bingham is a  dedicated public health professional, who has spent decades supporting and defending her patients rights to safe and affordable healthcare
  • Decision Making – With her front-line experience as a medical professional, Dr. Bingham can be trusted to make quick and informed decisions on behalf of her constituents


SCDP needs YOU to help us elect Dr. Dawn Bingham and turn the South Carolina Senate blue! 

Click here to learn more about Dawn Bingham’s campaign for South Carolina Senate and how you can get involved.

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