SCDP Executive Committee Unanimously Endorses Brad Hutto for US Senate

Today, the members of the South Carolina Democratic Party’s Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse Brad Hutto in the race for US Senate against Lindsey Graham.

“Unlike Lindsey Graham, Brad Hutto will always put South Carolina first,” said SCDP Chairman Jaime Harrison. “Lindsey Graham is more worried about world affairs and national television shows than he is the folks back home. Brad Hutto will make sure South Carolina gets its fair share in education funding and see that our rural infrastructure is strengthened – that’s the kind of leader we need in the Senate representing South Carolina.”

The Executive Committee is made up of representatives from every county in the state. The unanimous endorsement shows the broad support that Sen. Hutto has within the Democratic Party around the state.

“Here in South Carolina, Brad Hutto has proven he’s willing to fight hard for the people of our state, and that he’s exactly the kind of leader we need to take on those in Washington that stand in the way of progress,” said SCDP Vice Chair Kaye Koonce of Charleston. “This endorsement is a signal to voters around the state that Brad Hutto has earned our support and he is the right choice in the Democratic Primary election.”

Sen. Hutto faces one opponent in the Democratic Primary election which will be held on June 10th.