Goals for the SCDP caucuses include:

  • Reaching out to South Carolinians who don’t realize that it’s the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party, which best represents their interests
  • Enabling Democrats to communicate and network in statewide and regional settings on a regular basis
  • Providing leadership, service, and networking opportunities for young Democrats, activists, and groups who are underrepresented in our party.
  • Offering Democratic constituencies a vehicle to focus on issues and policy development to improve South Carolina.

You can contact the Caucus Chairs or Co-Chairs (listed below) if you are interested in being involved in a caucus. We need your ideas, energy and action!

Please also remember we also have three other affiliated organizations which are long standing partners of the SCDP: the SC Democratic Women’s Council, the SC Young Democrats and the SC College Democrats.

Thanks for all you do!

Additional Information

SCDP Caucus Development Guidelines

Summary of Proposed Bylaws for SCDP Caucuses

SCDP Caucus ByLaws Template