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Do you expect to remain in your home county for at least five years?*


Do you expect to remain in South Carolina for at least five years?*



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Education and Training

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Organization and Leadership Activities

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Resume and Personal Statement

Please upload your resume below and describe your personal goals, including any political activity you wish to pursue. What outcomes do you hope for as a result of your participation in the Clyburn Fellowship? 750 character limit. Either type your answer below or upload a document.*

Writing Sample

Please submit a writing sample. This can be previous academic work or may follow our prompt. The prompt being: What is your vision for the the state of South Carolina and how are you a part of that vision? 250 words suggested, 500 word maximum. Previously completed works should be no more than 1000 words. Either type your answer below or upload a document.*

Please submit two letters of recommendation. These letters may be from anyone, however we would love to see letters of recommendation from those who have reported to you or have worked with you. Do not include family members. Please provide the following information about your recommenders in the space below: Name, Title/Organization, Phone Number. The recommender must mail the letter of recommendation to PO Box 5965, Columbia, SC, 29250. If you run into any trouble submitting this application through the website, please email your entire application in a document to